Danone-AQUA made changes to the logo and label design of the AQUA trademark packaging by clarifying the design of the mount on the AQUA logo while redesigning the labels on the AQUA packaging to become more attractive. The new AQUA logo and label is a symbolic form of Danone-AQUA's commitment to providing quality hydration for Indonesian families, directly from selected Indonesian mountain springs. This change will be implemented in stages starting in September 2019 and will be applied to every AQUA regular packaging and special packaging designs and to all Danone-AQUA communication materials.

The replacement of the logo and packaging label is also in line with AQUA's new campaign, "Good starts from here". This campaign is a form of AQUA's commitment to Indonesia and from Indonesia. AQUA continues to commit to delivering goodness through healthy hydration for Indonesian families with selected mountain water sources. Danone-AQUA continues to preserve and pass down the goodness of nature down to the healthy Indonesian families from Sabang to Merauke.

Regarding this change, Danone Indonesia's Corporate Communication Director, Arif Mujahidin explained that the replacement of the logo and packaging label has been approved by BPOM and in the process of implementation it will be done in stages so that consumers may be able to find AQUA packaging that still uses the old logo and label packaging until all products who are on the market have changed to use a new design.

He also appealed to consumers to purchase AQUA products carefully and pay close attention to the characteristics of official AQUA products. "We also recommend that consumers can buy AQUA products from agents, authorized merchants, or outlets, stores, or trusted outlets. If consumers hesitate or find things that do not fit the criteria of the original AQUA products, consumers can contact the AQUA call center Say hello to toll-free at 0800 15 88888, operating hours Monday-Sunday, 08.30 - 17.30 to then be followed up on, "said Arif.