Work Culture

Our unique culture is a combination between the history of corporate built by AQUA’s founder, Mr. Tirto Utomo, and one of Danone’s founder, Antoine Ridboud. You will find informal management style with simple, gap-less relationship among employees. Relaxed, friendly environment encourages the mindset of closeness, in which you can easily discuss and build networks with all Danoners regardless of their titles in the company.

At AQUA, we welcome diversity. The people working with us come from different backgrounds, ages, and sexes. However, diversity is not just about sex, age, and ethnicity—it is about acknowledging each employee’s uniqueness and upholding the values arising from diversity. AQUA Group believes that a group’s ability to create new ideas comes from their capacity to accept diversified profiles and characteristics.

Fun at Work

In order to become productive in the workplace, we are aware that office environment should be designed in such a way that encourages easy opportunities for employees to engage with each other. The comfy sofa and entertainment corner in DanLounge help us relax and refresh our minds. Healthy foods are provided to encourage healthy diet.

Arts and sports clubs are organized, where employees can choose from different arts and sports according to their respective interests.

We support work life balance for our working mom employees by setting free daycare facilities annually around Ramadhan month and after Eid Al-Fitr holidays as we are aware that those are the time when working moms would need support to take care of their children.