“As an MT, I have a mentor and a coach who guide me on day-to-day basis. I really like my mentor who always involves me in a lot of different projects that challenge and shape my thinking to always see the big picture. I believe the leaders here care not only about the team goal but also employee’s personal development. 
What I fancy most about Danone is the culture that is truly open. It’s very easy to talk/meet/have a discussion with anyone without hierarchical boundaries; VP/directors can be reached through Whatsapp. So yeah, coordination is quite easy and fast!” 

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"When I was pursuing my master’s degree, I volunteered to be a tutor of Management subject in Indonesia Open University, Korea. I taught Indonesian Female Workers on Business Development subject every weekend for almost two years. I enjoyed that experience and immediately recognized that Business Development is new my passion. Therefore, I applied for Business Development function in Management Trainee Program at Danone Indonesia. With shifting to a different field comes different challenges to tackle because it is an unfamiliar environment. I think my engineering background actually helping me a lot in training me to have a sharp analysis, to observe things, and to always have solutions for problems. If you decided to pursue your passion which is not aligned with your education background, you have to stay curious about every aspect, dedicate your extra energy and time. Remember, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra!" 

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"I was assigned to conduct Rewards Strategy assessment for my first MT project in Human Resources Department. One interesting thing I discovered while doing the project is that Danone has a Work-Life Balance Program that includes flexible working hours, flex-benefit, sports facilities, nursing room, women parking, Danone Clinic, Daycare, and six months maternity leave.

I feel that Danone understands the different needs of their employees and knows how to motivate them through the targeted rewards program." 

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As a bachelor of International Relations graduate, I learned a lot about political matters that challenged me to analyze cases and find the correlations towards the theories that shaped my strategical thinking and structured problem-solving. Until there was this module about business sustainability. That’s the point where I want to get off the track and pursue my career in a company which doesn’t only care about their business but also their people and the planet. I also really wanted to sharpen not only my communication skills but also my business acumen. Glad to be accepted as an MT STAR in the Business Development Department as this is my base to pursue my professional development in a new field.

Being an International Relation graduate, the most challenging part when I took this role is when I have to deal with big data and different layers of people that I never exposed when I was in college. I have to gather the data, process and analyze it, and then convert it into insights that will be delivered to different layers of people across generations for a better business development. To overcome it, I took an Ms. Excel course, ask a lot of questions, execute unfamiliar projects, and go to the field. Definitely, it’s a never-ending process when it comes to learning"

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