Founded in 1973, AQUA Group is the pioneer of Bottled Drinking Water (AMDK) in Indonesia, which then established a strategic partnership with Danone in 1998. AQUA Group brings the mission of inspiring Indonesians about healthy hydration. AQUA Group produces healthy, scientifically accountable Bottled Drinking Water and non-carbonated soft drinks.

AQUA Group applies Danone’s values, which reflect unique business vision and ethics. The values of Humanism, Openness, Proximity, and Enthusiasm are fostered and continuously implanted in our employees to direct the Company towards a better direction. These values also guide in each of the Company’s decision making and professional perspective.

As a manifestation of its vision and commitments to responsible management of its operation, AQUA developed AQUA Lestari initiative. The initiative roots back to the idea from Danone’s founder himself, Antoine Ridboud, about Dual Commitment—prioritizing the balance between business and social success. The Dual Commitment is also aligned with the idea from AQUA’s founder, Tirto Utomo, i.e. that business should give social contribution. AQUA Lestari initiative is operated by establishing partnership with employees and stakeholders.