As we are part of Danone’s family, working at Danone will open up opportunities and challenges in career at national, regional, and even international level. Danone recruits employees who pursue achievement and are ready to continuously learn. Under support and assistance, Danoners (Danone employees) are responsible for shaping their own career and contributing to the business performance.

Each employee has equal opportunities to grow, achieve their potentials, and explore their creativity. Each employee has a shared vision and bond to establish a leadership that focuses on product quality, services, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility. Danone is the right place to challenge status quo and generate breakthrough ideas for people with high levels of energy and commitment as Danone fosters a culture that is based on initiatives and empowerment. Every single day can give rise to fresh adventures full of opportunities and true happiness.

Danone focuses on its employees’ talent development, both at local and regional level. Various programs are available to improve Danone employees’ career through international assignments and programs. Each employee is encouraged to shape their own career path by shifting among functions, contexts, and cultures. Mobility is determined by a shared consensus between the Corporate and the employees, taking into account their personal situation and aspiration in terms of career and organizational needs.

We care about our employees’ development by enabling them to possess various competences and skills required to excel in their tasks. We invest in the provision of local and abroad comprehensive trainings for employees. In Indonesia, we have Danone Indonesia Academy to implement programs that will enable all employees to develop, both in their professional and personal life. As a smart organization, we have Danone Academy 2.0 platform, where Danoners can access 24/7 learning right at the tip of their fingers. All development programs and the platform are designed to achieve our specified target, i.e. 80% of our vacancies/vacant positions should be filled internally.