AQUA believes that healthy foods and drinks can only be obtained from healthy planets and this is reflected in Danone's slogan, One Planet One Health. In the production process, packaging has an important role to protect the nutritional benefits and product quality so that it can be stored, transported and used safely. We believe that plastic packaging waste can be the raw material if it is recycled, therefore we continue to push into a circular economic model. In the management of plastic packaging waste, we are ambitious to take back more plastic waste from the generated by 2030. This is our commitment to contribute to solving waste problems in Indonesia, including by supporting the Government of the Republic of Indonesia program to reduce plastic waste in the sea as much as 70% by 2025. This ambition can only be realized if all stakeholders are actively involved, from governments, producers, NGOs, the media to consumers.

Most of our production volumes are gallon packs that are run with reuse models and some of them have been using recycled raw materials. In addition we are gradually reducing packaging weight to> 20% of total weight, while maintaining quality, in order to minimize the use of raw materials and generated waste generation. We have also spearheaded plastic waste management initiatives since 1993 with AQUA CARE (Plastic Waste Recycling Management) program to reclaim post-consumption plastic packaging which is subsequently enumerated and exported abroad. Furthermore, we and our partners built 6 Recycling Business Units (RBU) in South Tangerang, Bandung, Bali and Lombok, which are now collecting more than 12,000 tons of plastic packaging / year. To overcome the waste in the sea, we together with Yayasan Rumah Pelangi initiated the plastic packaging waste transport in Pulau Untung Java, Kepulauan Seribu, which is one of the tourist destinations. In addition, we together with the parties also re-process waste plastic packaging into economic goods such as program # Bottle2Fashion with H & M Indonesia and manufacture of geotextiles in collaboration with the Indonesian Plastic Recycling Association (ADUPI).

We are also trying to increase the rate of plastic packaging withdrawal through the development of Bogor municipal waste bank and support the West Jakarta Sanitation and Environment Office to build the One-Hearted Trash Bank, together with BNI to integrate the recording of Bank Trash transactions into the banking system of BNI. Together with Tetrapak, we facilitate the making of drop box in Bali and coordinate with recycling garbage entrepreneurs Bali Pet and Eco Bali, to transport the collected plastic garbage collection and recycle it.

AQUA is also the founder of PRAISE (Partnership and Recycling Alliance for Indonesia Sustainable Environment) with 5 other companies, which aims to build advocacy on waste plastic management and encourage the synergy of all stakeholders to create effective solutions.