Jakarta, November 7, 2017- Danone Indonesia is represented by VP General Secretary of Danone Indonesia, Vera Galuh Sugijanto declared WASH (Water Access, Sanitation and Hygiene) @Workplace commitment at the 2017 National Sanitation and Water Supply Conference (KSAN) in Le Meridien Hotel Jakarta (07 / 11). WASH @ Workplace's commitment is the company's effort to realize safe, adequate access to water, sanitation and cleanliness for all employees within the company's work area within 3 years of signing on. This commitment was initiated by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

Danone Indonesia, which includes AQUA Group, Nutricia and Sarihusada, declared WASH @ Workplace commitment because it has a vision to create a healthy and productive work environment, improve occupational health and safety standards, fulfill the basic rights of employees, increase brand value and become the leading company in contributing to achieve the target of SDGs, especially number 6. "This is quite important because Danone Indonesia has 15,000 employees spread across headquarters, branch offices, 22 factories and several depots," Vera explained.

Currently in Indonesia there are more than 16 million people working in the industrial sector. These employees spend 1/3 of their time in the work area, so the provision of safe, adequate access to water, sanitation and cleanliness is essential. When their needs are met they are expected to increase productivity, with reduced employee absenteeism due to illness related to water availability, sanitation and hygiene. Employees who are accustomed to clean and healthy behavior in the workplace can also bring these habits into the family and community environment so it is expected that the domino effect of this initiative.

Prior to declaring its commitment, Danone Indonesia and its partners have conducted independent assessments of the availability of water, sanitation and hygiene access at two working sites, namely AQUA Ciherang Factory, and Danone Indonesia headquarters in Cyber Building 2. Next will be Training of Trainer (ToT) for employees to be able to independently assess, set development priorities, make work plans, and make improvements to achieve standards set by WBCSD. Meanwhile, the implementation of WASH @ Workplace in other Danone Indonesia work areas will begin in early 2018 and each year will be monitored for progress.

On the occasion, Vera Galuh Sugianto said that Danone Indonesia has contributed by translating the implementation guide WASH @ Workplace into Indonesian language. "The Indonesian language guide will make it easier for other companies to implement WASH @ workplace" he said. "Together, Danone Indonesia also wants to invite other companies to join declare WASH @ Workplace commitments and apply them in their respective work areas as a contribution to the achievement of SDGs"

Prior to WASH @ workplace, Since 2007, Danone Indonesia through AQUA Group has also developed a community-based WASH program around the operational area of AQUA Group and areas with low levels of access to clean water. Vera added that "As of the end of 2016, the WASH program, implemented with more than 19 NGO, University, and Government partners has benefited more than 135,000 people and built more than 10,000 House Connections, spread across 18 districts and 70 village in Indonesia ".

"To achieve the target of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030, and achieving the vision of Universal Access 2019 our company will continue to conduct WASH programs in the community, this is in line with our corporate commitment to contribute to improving the health of Indonesian society. "Vera concluded.