Jakarta, 28 February 2018 - Danone-AQUA, a 45-year bottler of Drinking Water, has received B-Corp certification, which recognizes best practices and compliance with the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. With this achievement, Danone-AQUA became the first Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company in Indonesia to receive this certification. By becoming a B-CORP, Danone-AQUA joins a thriving business community all over the world and also within the country that aims to use the power of business to address social and environmental issues.

"This is an important achievement for us by becoming the first FMCG company to achieve B-Corp certification in Indonesia. Now, more than ever, our goal is to maintain the highest standards of this commitment. This is evidence of Danone-AQUA's 45-year journey in Indonesia that provides healthy hydration and sustainable business practices. As a B Corporation, Danone-AQUA will continue its commitment to lead sustainable business by inspiring and facilitating good acts through three pillars of goodness, namely Goodness for Nature, Good for People and Good for the Community, "said Corine Tap, President Director of PT Tirta Investama Danone-AQUA).

Movement B Corp ™, initiated by the B Lab® nonprofit organization, comprises more than 2,400 companies in over 50 countries innovating to benefit the community, increasing the positive impact on its employees and the environment in which they operate. Among these companies are Happy Family, Les Deux Vaches, Danone Spain, Danone Dairy UK and Aguas Danone Argentina (all part of Danone), Patagonia, Ben & Jerrys, Nature & Découvertes or Veritas, among them.

Corey Lim - Vice Chairperson The Asia Pacific B-Corp Association says that every company must have the highest standards of social responsibility and achievement in protecting the environment, as well as the transparency and accountability of its business impact. "We want to inspire business people around the world to be caring and responsible by looking back and measuring company policy and performance in the aspects of governance, employment, community, environment and business models in B-Corp certification. Danone-AQUA has passed the entire certification audit process and has been rated to meet the standards. "

According to Corine Tap, from the beginning, the founding fathers of Danone and AQUA, Antoine Riboud and Tirto Utomo strongly believe that businesses must synergize with social and environmental performance, called dual commitment. "Celebrating Danone-AQUA's 45th anniversary with B-Corp certification will strengthen our commitment to continue and improve performance so that our presence can contribute to society and nature where it fits into the mission of Danone One Planet One Health," Corine explained.

For Danone-AQUA, it is important to implement sustainable business practices for future business success, "because we believe that consumers tend to buy products from businesses that have social and environmental concerns and they also want to know how the business practices behind a product company. Therefore, we are now joining the movement to invite other business actors to become agents of change by using business for good and providing guidance to consumers to be responsible buyers. "Add Corine.

Danone-AQUA focuses its business practices on the basis of the following pillars:

  • Good for Nature, Danone-AQUA always strives to take responsibility for the full impact of its business through sustainable management of water resources, reducing water use by more than 62% since 2008, CO2 reduction program with 29% carbon footprint reduction compared to 2010 and environmentally friendly industrial practices, and waste plastic bottle management. Danone-AQUA is a pioneer in waste packaging waste management through the AQUA Care program. Danone-AQUA also developed a recycling-social-business model and created a new life cycle of plastic waste through the Recycling Business Unit (RBU) that has collected more than 12,000 tons / year. This plastic waste management model brings Danone-AQUA into a pioneer in the management of plastic waste. To date, Danone-AQUA continues the socio-business model, by increasing the number of RBUs offset by increased production capacity to develop a municipal waste bank in collaboration with stakeholders ".
  • Good for People, Danone-AQUA is committed to contributing to public health. This initiative starts with giving its employees health insurance in the form of insurance and good health facilities, maternity leave of 6 months to female employees and 10 days in men. Danone-AQUA also provides healthy hydration education through the Ayo Minum Air (AMIR) program in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Indonesia Hydration Working Group (IHWG).
  • Good for the Community, Danone-AQUA wants its existence to have a positive impact on the surrounding community. One of the efforts undertaken is the program of increasing access to clean water and environmental sanitation / WASH which began in 2006 and has succeeded in providing benefits to more than 135,000 inhabitants.