Denpasar, February 24, 2018, Danone-AQUA joins One Island One Voice (OIOV) in the biggest Bali Bersih movement in 2018 to reduce the rate of waste to the oceans, especially in tourist areas. At least 12,000 people from various circles such as government, society, tourists, businessmen, hotel industry, NGOs, and many others also clean 55 locations simultaneously in Bali.

Plant Manager of AQUA Mambal Plant, Forcy Tjandra said that Danone-AQUA Participation is also to welcome the National Rubbish Concern Day (HPSN) 2018 themed "Sayangi Bumi, Clean from garbage." "Employees from AQUA Mambal Plant, Depo Mahendradatta, partner, , community, community and business actors around Kedonganan Beach together to come down and involved directly to clean the beach. Environmental management is a shared responsibility, so the contribution of all parties is important to create a clean earth from waste. "

Efforts to reduce the rate of waste in the oceans is indeed one of the priorities of the Government of Indonesia. At the World Ocean Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali 2017, the Government of Indonesia pledges to reduce waste in the Indonesian seas by up to 70% by 2025. If it does not act quickly then it is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic waste in the oceans than marine biota.

Forcy said further that Danone-AQUA would like to contribute to support the Government of Indonesia in resolving plastic waste issues, by managing its packaging waste. "We are ambitious to take back more plastic waste from the generated by 2030 by developing various initiatives," he explained.

In addition to product packaging innovation by reducing packaging weight to> 20% of total weight, together with Danone-AQUA partners have also developed 6 Recycling Business Unit (RBU) units in South Tangerang, Bandung, Bali and Lombok with total plastic waste management capacity of 12,000 tons / year. Related to plastic waste in the sea ,, Danone-AQUA initiated the transport of plastic waste from Island of Untung Java in Kepulauan Seribu to be re-managed to become economical product such as fashion in cooperation with H & M. Danone AQUA is also the founder of PRAISE (Partnership and Recycling Association for Indonesia Sustainable Environment) with 5 other companies, which aims to build advocacy on waste packaging management and encourage the synergy of all stakeholders to create effective solutions.

In Bali, Danone-AQUA encourages two RBU in Kesiman and Tohpati to manage plastic packaging waste from Denpasar and its surrounding areas through scavengers, TPS3R and Bank Sampah to be enumerated into flakes. With the support of Danone-AQUA, the RBU builds a health clinic facility where scavengers can seek free treatment and also gain access to BPJS. Currently, the second capacity of the RBU reaches 6,000 tons / year, more than the total marketed product. and employs 80 people comprised of scavengers, and surrounding communities.