Danone-AQUA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Re> Pal Indonesia for the development of plastic pallets made from used plastic labels from AQUA

Danone-AQUA, which is a subsidiary of Danone and has been certified by B CorpTM, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Re> Pal Indonesia, a subsidiary of Range International (ASX: RAN), traded as Re> Pal ™, to change the used plastic label. Poly Propylene made into pallets.

With this memorandum of understanding, Danone-AQUA will supply used plastic labels from used bottle sorting facilities in Pasuruan - Indonesia which are operated by its partners. Danone-AQUA is expected to supply used plastic labels to Re> Pal which will then be used up to a maximum of 25% for the pallets they make. Re> Pal will ensure the durability and quality of the products and Danone-AQUA will further monitor the feasibility of using the Re> Pal pallet in all of its operational areas in Indonesia.

Danone-AQUA has been a pioneer in implementing the circular economic model for many years and this partnership is part of Danone-AQUA's commitment through the #BijakBplastik movement to overcome the challenges of plastic waste in Indonesia by collecting more plastic than was used in 2025. Danone- AQUA also promotes collaborative efforts to find innovative solutions to the problem of plastic waste in Indonesia so that it can support the Indonesian government's goal of reducing 70% of plastic waste in the ocean by 2025.

In addition, Danone-AQUA is also committed to making all its packaging 100% reusable, biodegradable or recyclable by 2025 through various collaborative collection, education and innovation initiatives with various partners.

"The problem of plastic waste is not something we can overcome ourselves, which is why we develop innovative partnerships with various stakeholders throughout our operational chain - like what we did with Re> Pal to build a circular packaging economy in accordance with the Danone‘ One Planet vision. One Health '. "We have been working with Re> Pal for several years and we are pleased that they have successfully tested our AQUA label to be one of the components of making the Re> Pal pallet," said Corine Tap, President Director - Danone AQUA. "In this collaboration, we will look for other areas where the Re> Pal technology can help us to recycle packaging into pallets that we can use in all our business units."

Regarding this collaboration, Stephen Bowhill, Chief Executive Officer of Re> Pal ™ also explained "The collaboration established between Danone-AQUA and Re> Pal is something extraordinary. I am delighted that our pallets can be the home of the used plastic labels used by Danone-AQUA. This model is something that we want to develop with other multinational companies because today many companies are struggling to recycle their waste, where they also use our production pallets. We also hope to be able to work with Danone-AQUA to develop new types or products based on plastic waste.