Mangupura, January 19, 2018 - PT Tirta Investama - Mambal Plant (AQUA Mambal Plant) launched a hamlet scale waste bank in Wantilan Pura Puseh Banjar Jempanang, Belok Sidan Village, Petang District - Badung. This garbage bank will manage the economic value of garbage from around 172 heads of households as its customers. This activity was conducted with the Village Government of Belok Sidan and the Bali Center for Environmental Education (PPLH)). AQUA Mambal factory also handed over 1 unit of garbage transport motor or motor cikar (moci) to Jempanang Lestari garbage bank manager through Village Government of Belok Sidan.

The Mambal AQUA plant does not move on its own, stakeholder engagement is essential to ensure that this initiative can be sustainable. Therefore, present on this occasion are Bali Forestry Office, Badung District Office of Environment and Hygiene (DLHK), Petang Camat, Danramil Petang, Petung Polsek, Petang II Community Health Center, Perbekel Desa Belok Sidan, Kelian Dinas of Belok Sidan Village , Pelek Village Village Working Group, Head of LPM Desa Belok Sidan, Head of BPD Desa Belok Sidan, Headmaster of Elementary School in Belok Sidan Village, Headmaster of SMP N 3 Petang, Karang Taruna, Belok Sidan Village, Sekaa Teruna Giri Saraswati Banjar Jempanang, PKK Banjar Jempanang, conservation cadres, STBM cadres, Kehati cadres, and students of SDN 2 Belok Sidan.

AQUA Mambal Plant in cooperation with Yayasan PPLH Bali as the implementer of community assistance activities in upstream watershed area (Watershed) Ayung. Activities developed are WASH (Water Access Sanitation Hygiene), integrated conservation and biodiversity development. Implementation of this activity is a manifestation of AQUA Mambal Plant's commitment in providing benefits and improving the quality of life of people in Jempanang.

Since 2016, Danone-AQUA has been paying attention to how to reduce plastic waste and perform plastic waste recycling programs through various programs to promote a cleaner and healthier environment. In addition, various other activities are also done to contribute to the creation of a healthier and more sustainable society and environment. AQUA Mambal Plant together with PPLH Bali initiated the establishment of Jempanang Lestari Trash Bank which is the development of WASH (Water Access Sanitation and Hygiene) program. This program further encourages and build public awareness to maintain cleanliness and environmental sustainability one of them by collecting waste plastic containers in the area of Banjar Jempanang.

Plant Manager of AQUA Mambal, Forcy Tjandra said that the AQUA Mambal Plant has a dual commitment that the success of the economy must also be balanced with success in the social field. "This garbage bank invites the entire community of Banjar Jempanang to manage its garbage so that the positive impact for the environment will we all feel, thus the preservation of nature can still be well preserved", said Forcy.

On the same occasion, Badung Government through Environmental and Hygiene Department, Eka Martawan in his speech expressed his deepest gratitude and appreciation to AQUA Mambal Factory which has established a Garbage Bank at Banjar level along with PPLH Bali. Public awareness of environmental awareness and waste issues is a shared responsibility, so support from all parties from the public, private is urgently needed. We hope that this good initiative can be followed and implemented by other banjar that exist in the village of Belok Sidan ", he explained.

Waste bank manager, represented by Jro Bau, expressed his gratitude to AQUA and PPLH Bali has initiated the formation of a garbage bank in its banjar, "I am very grateful that finally the garbage bank can be established and because of my love for cleanliness and environmental health I would like to provide my private land for used as a place for weighing and garbage collection ", said Jro.

In the same event, signing and delivery of Environmental Services agreement developed by AQUA-Mambal Plant of 22.7 Ha to 20 Jempanang residents.