Surabaya-September 2019, Danona-AQUA always innovates by promoting healthy hydration while preserving nature. This was conveyed in the #BijakBerplastik campaign at the East Java Investival 2019 (EJI 2019) together with the Investment Office - Integrated One Stop Service (DPM-PSPT) of East Java Province. The event which was opened on 12 September 2019 by Deputy Governor Emil Elestianto Dardak welcomed investors to compete in developing East Java. For 4 days the event visitors can learn how #BijakBerplastik can be a form of social and environmental investment for a better Indonesia.

Danone Indonesia's Sustainable Development Director, Karyanto Wibowo said that in early 2018 Danone AQUA had committed to be able to contribute to the Government's efforts to reduce plastic waste in the ocean to 70% by 2025. This commitment focused on three pillars to answer the challenges of plastic waste in Indonesia, namely (1) Development of Waste Collection Infrastructure, (2) Consumer Education, and (3) Product Innovation. "We have started this initiative since 2010 by encouraging inclusive plastic collection, and are now able to collect 12,000 tons of bottles per year to be recycled into Recycled polyethylene terephtalate (R-PET) which returns to bottle packaging material in accordance with food grade and SNI ", Said Karyanto.

Danone-AQUA has used R-PET as a mixture of bottles by 20%. In the middle of last year in Bali, AQUA Life 1.1 liter was launched as a form of product packaging made from 100% R-PET and 100% can be recycled back into bottled drinking water. Currently AQUA Life products can be purchased in Bali and in Jakarta, which were launched last month. At the EIJ 2019 event, for 4 days, visitors who learn #BijakBerplastik at the AQUA booth will get this product as a souvenir. Visitors can learn how the packaging bottles are chopped, processed into R-PET as well as other products. Danone-AQUA has partnered with H&M, an international fashion brand that turns packaging bottles into products such as gloves, socks, T-shirts and other fashion products.

Deputy Governor of East Java Province, Emil Elestianto Dardak, who visited the #BijakBplplastik Truck appreciated Danone-AQUA's efforts. Cross-sectoral innovation and collaboration is needed to find joint solutions to the problem of waste.

Danone-AQUA supports the transition from a linear model to a circular model, where the discarded bottle becomes a valuable resource for reuse. In this cycle will touch more people and provide economic benefits, and from the environmental side will also be optimal use of plastic. "Both will be a social investment as well as an environmental investment," concluded Karyanto.