In relation to the information we received regarding the prize drawing on behalf of PT Tirta Investama ("Company") and Trademark MIZONE by using the Hoky Code Code Coupon under the name "REJEKI JAMAN NOW" Program, the Company notifies the following:

The company and / or its affiliated companies are not holding lucky draws under the name "REJEKI JAMAN NOW" program.

Coupons Logo The outstanding Hokky Code does not belong to the Company so that the Company and / or its affiliated companies are not liable for any loss, material, imatilal and in any form whatsoever resulting from the circulation of the promo coupon.Communities, consumers and business partners may find official information about the Company through the Company's website,

During the period of March 15, 2018 - June 15, 2018, Trademark MIZONE is currently performing a promo with the name "Ready to Revive Winning Spirit" but it is totally unrelated to the "REJEKI JAMAN NOW" program and the Company does not issue the Hoky Code Logo Coupon. Information about the promo being done by Trademark MIZONE can be viewed on the official website of MIZONE, which is

Based on the aforementioned matters, the Company calls on the public, consumers and business partners to be more vigilant and cautious of fraudulent efforts by irresponsible parties and unaffected by information regarding lucky draws on behalf of the Company by using sites other than the site owned by the Company (,,,,,

If the public, consumers and business partners have any questions related to the above, please contact AQUA's consumer service Call Hassle-free at 0800-15-88888 (toll-free) phone number.

Thus we submit this notice. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Jakarta, May 22, 2018

Management of PT Tirta Investama