Tosari, January 10, 2018, PT Tirta Investama - Keboncandi Factory (AQUA Keboncandi Factory) initiated the cultivation of Edelweiss Flower by utilizing empty space in the residential of Wonomerto Village, Tosari Village. In addition to Edelweiss, two types of endemic plants Tengger also cultivated namely Mentigi and Kesek. The program runs with the involvement of the Tosari District Government, Tosari Village Residents, Schools of Water Friends (SSMA), Community Lovers (Bromo Lovers), TNBTS (Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park), Perhutani, Paguyuban Jip Bromo, hotels around Bromo and One Leaf Foundation.

Establishment of conservation village model is a concrete effort of community empowerment around and inside conservation area which is done integrated with conservation area management. As it is known that Edelweiss is a protected plant, on the other hand the Tengger community uses the flower as part of religious ritual which is done periodically. AQUA Keboncandi in partnership with One Leaf Foundation and stakeholders, initiated to form a community group "Bala Daun" that care about the environment that can minimize disruption, expand the habitat of flora & fauna, increase the water absorption area and expected to create various community activities to increase income, especially in the hamlet Wonomerto Desa Tosari.

Tengger endemic planting is edelweiss, Kesek & Mentigi tree with total 2000 seedlings, by stakeholders; Environment Agency, TNBTS, Perhutani, community groups & nature lovers and members of Sahabat Mata Air School.

Representing the Head of AQUA Keboncandi Factory, Harijo Suseno, in his speech said that this event is a form of appreciation from the conservation of water resources for all related parties, both from local government, business actors, education, and local community. "It is important to raise awareness that water and environmental resource management is a shared responsibility," he said.

Tosari Village Head, Taufiqul Qoni also underlined that conservation tourism village can trigger environmentally sound pariswisata. Communities can reap the economic benefits of tourist visits that are expected not only to see Bromo, but also to learn how the local environmental culture supports conservation area management. Tourists can be involved to restore the quality of the environment by involving all elements of society, especially in the Rejoso watershed.

In addition to 2000 seedlings that have been planted since 2017, now nurseries are also developed in the fields of citizens. Later seeding, planting, plucking and religious ritual activities that highlight local wisdom will be an added value. Bala Daun as an active institution in the village of Wonomerto is a pioneer for the same activities in 6 villages Tosari Village.