Jakarta, 18 December 2019 - Danone-AQUA officially announced the achievements of the # 1 FORUK10 program that has been taking place since 2016. As of last November, as many as 54,892 Indonesians spread across 45 villages in Central and East Java now have access to clean water in home and no longer need to rely on water sources that are far away or of poor quality. # 1 FORUK10 has also empowered up to 45 Water Supply System Management Groups (KPSPAM), ensuring the goodness of this program continues to flow into the coming years.

Program # 1 FORUK10 is part of the Clean Water and Environmental Access Program (WASH) which is a form of Danone-AQUA's commitment to continue delivering goodness to the people of Indonesia through increased access to clean water and environmental sanitation. In its implementation, Danone-AQUA took Water.org as a pioneer of the Water Credit scheme. Simply put, this scheme empowers KPSPAM to be able to develop and manage access to clean water independently through proposing funding to local financial institutions.

"For more than 45 years, Danone-AQUA has been channeling the goodness of nature to Indonesian families," said Danone-AQUA Marketing Manager Jeffri Ricardo. "Now, that goodness flows further to our brothers and sisters who need access to clean water in various regions. Program # 1UNTUK10 is a form of Danone-AQUA's commitment to provide access to clean water, where each AQUA 1 Liter bottle of special packaging purchased by consumers, Danone-AQUA provides 10 Liter access to clean water in areas that need it. Goodness also continues thanks to the help of partners who have been persistent in running this program, both from Water.org, KPSPAM, financial institutions, and the government. Together, we have brought real change for the good of Indonesia. "

Data from the Central Statistics Agency stated that the achievement of access to safe water in Indonesia has only reached 73.58%. One of the things that inhibits the achievement of universal access where 100% of Indonesian people can enjoy and obtain access to clean water is funding. These constraints are felt by KPSPAM who want to develop and manage access to clean water for families and communities around their settlements.

"The Water Credit Scheme focuses on creating conditions that make it easier for the Rural SPAM Group to borrow from financial institutions. We and Danone-AQUA provide training to the Rural SPAM Group so that they are able to, among other things, compile financial reports, service improvement plans, budget plans, and implement water access management, "said Water.org Indonesia's Director of Operations Don Johnston. "Meanwhile, we and Danone-AQUA are also collaborating with financial institutions so that they can develop more affordable loan schemes for the community. As a result, the community can meet the requirements to borrow money that will later be used to, for example, buy a water pump, build a bore well, or expand house connections so that the reach of the water flow is even wider. "

The benefit of the assistance was felt by Nashikun, KPSPAM Sumber Rejeki Representative, Pulutan Village, Boyolali. "Indeed, the thing that is burdening us to expand access to clean water is cost. Before getting to know this system, our group leader had to pawn his land certificate. Alhamdulillah, with this program from Danone-AQUA and Water.org, we can apply for a loan to build a water connection to the house. Now there are 400 houses in the village that have good access to clean water, "he explained.

Increased access to clean water has made a significant difference in people's lives in Pulutan Village, Boyolali. The presenter Sarah Sechan who was involved since the beginning of the # 1 FORUK10 program in 2016 had the opportunity to witness firsthand the daily lives of the people there. "It was very exciting to join their activities a few weeks ago. Easy access to clean water provides more opportunities for mothers there to spend time with children. In fact, there are also those who managed to open a small business in his home, "said Sarah.

# 1 FOR 10 is in line with Danone's vision of "One Planet, One Health" where Danone believes that health is determined by a healthy lifestyle and environment. Access to clean water is a prerequisite for achieving personal, family and environmental health. Danone-AQUA hopes that people who have benefited from program # 1 FORUK10 can continue to enjoy this flow of goodness and share their experiences and abilities to other areas in need.