Danone drinking water brands (including evian, Volvic, AQUA and Bonafont) take major steps to address global challenges related to water resources

Aiming to provide healthy hydration and safe drinking water to people throughout the world in a responsible manner. 'WeActForWater' is a series of global commitments by various Danone drinking water brands including evian, Volvic, AQUA and Bonafont. This movement is divided into 5 long-term commitments namely:

  1. Reduce 50% of virgin plastic use and use at least 50% of recycled PET used worldwide and 100% throughout Europe by 2025;
  2. Accelerating targets towards carbon neutral in Europe by 2025;
  3. Equating a liter of water sold by providing clean water to people in need. This commitment targets to help 50 million people in developing countries to be able to access safe drinking water by 2030;
  4. Enhancing the preservation of watersheds and wetlands throughout the world;
  5. Achieved B Corp certification worldwide in 2022.

Danone Chairman & CEO Emmanuel Faber said: "Water is one of the most valuable resources and one of the biggest topics for the world today. The commitment we announce today through the WeActForWater movement is an important milestone for our brands around the world to act in tackling the challenges of climate change, nature and water access issues. We believe that through a responsible business model can create a positive impact in the future. "

Danone Waters Executive Vice-President, Henri Bruxelles, said: "Natural mineral water is our most valuable resource and one of the healthiest drinks. We want to bring benefits to people around the world in the most responsible way and protect natural resources for future generations. We need to act today to overcome our most pressing challenges. That is the goal of WeActForWater - take action, create and fulfill ambitious goals, and change our business to be more open. We must be part of the solution. "

The General Secretary of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, Martha Rojas Urrego, said, "Only three percent of the water on our planet is fresh and most of it is found in wetlands, which include lakes, rivers and aquifers. But 35% of the world's wetlands have been lost since 1970 and continue to decrease three times faster than forests. Acting to conserve and restore freshwater ecosystems is the only way to guarantee the future of water resources for all of us. The Wetlands Convention appreciates Danone's commitment to launch WeActForWater and their efforts to preserve the world's wetlands, watersheds and valuable biodiversity. "

Ellen MacArthur Foundation's CEO, Andrew Morlet, said, "Global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution require concrete action, and business plays a vital role in overcoming these challenges. By taking a systemic approach, the WeActForWater strategy undertaken by Danone, which includes investments in reducing the use of virgin plastic in packaging, biodiversity conservation, and switching to renewable energy, will make business more circular. We are pleased to see Danone lead by trying to change his business through these various steps. "