Jakarta, 22 February 2018- In order to strengthen the commitment to create a healthy society and the earth, Danone-AQUA makes changes to the AQUA trademark logo by removing the Danone logo which has been the secondary logo (complementary) on the AQUA logo. This Danone logo is replaced with a new Danone logo which then moves its position on the packaging. This change has been implemented gradually since February 2018 and will be applied to every regular AQUA packaging as well as custom packaging design as well as to all Danone-AQUA communication materials.

This replacement is in line with the changes of the new Danone logo with the slogan of One Planet One Health. As part of the company under Danone license, PT Tirta Investama (Danone-AQUA) implements the value and policies brought by Danone.

Director of Corporate Communication Danone Indonesia, Arif Mujahidin said that since last year, Danone has replaced his logo to reflect on his vision of connecting people to what they eat. "This new logo and slogan is a reflection of Danone's ambition to participate in realizing the health of the people and the earth's ecosystems. With this slogan, Danone invites all parties to get involved in the Food Revolution Movement, where Danone believes that to get a healthy body requires healthy food obtained from a healthy planet. For that AQUA also became part of this movement and showed support for the vision ". Said Arif.

Arif said that in the process of implementation, the logo changes will be done gradually so that consumers may be able to find AQUA packaging that still use the old logo until all the products on the market already use a new logo.

"This logo change has been approved by BPOM, but we urge consumers to purchase AQUA products carefully and carefully look at the original AQUA product features. We also encourage consumers to purchase AQUA products from authorized dealers, merchants, or outlets, stores, and outlets. If consumers are unsure or find things that are not in line with the original AQUA product criteria, consumers can call AQUA Calling Call center at 08001588888, operational time Monday-Sunday, 08.30 - 17.30 to be followed up "Arif added.