Jakarta, December 16, 2019 - Danone-AQUA received the 2019 Green Industry Award through 15 factories from the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia for Danone-AQUA's efforts to actively and wisely use environmentally friendly resources and technology, thereby creating effectiveness and efficiency for each operational sustainability factory. This award was given by the Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono representing the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita to representatives of 15 Danone-AQUA Factories today in Jakarta.

The 15 Danone-AQUA factories that won the Green Industry Award are AQUA Ciherang Factory, AQUA Subang Factory, AQUA Cianjur Factory, AQUA Pandars Factory, AQUA Factory, Babakan Pari, AQUA Citeureup Factory, AQUA Klaten Factory, AQUA Wonosobo Factory, AQUA Pandaan Factory, AQUA Factory Kebon Candi, Mambal AQUA Factory, Airmadidi AQUA Factory, Tanggamus AQUA Factory, Solok AQUA Factory, and Langkat AQUA Factory. Three of the 15 factories even won the 2019 Green Industry Award highest level (level 5), namely Ciherang, Cianjur and Subang. This success is based on the results of field audits and verification by the Green Industry Team that has been carried out since August 2019.

Since 2010 the Ministry of Industry has organized the Green Industry Award activity, as an effort to encourage manufacturing industry companies to make efficient use of material, energy and water resources in their daily operations. The Green Industry Award 2019, which is the tenth time, is given to national industrial companies which are divided into 3 categories, namely Large Industry, Medium Industry, and Small Industry. This effort is a form of appreciation and motivation of the government to the domestic industrial sector that has applied the principles of green industry in its production process.

"Currently the green industry has become a market demand along with the increasing market concern for environmental sustainability and sustainable development. The application of the green industry concept aims to encourage various companies to continue to improve production efficiency and effectiveness through cost savings and natural resources. In the case of the Ministry of Industry has two main strategies namely through the activities of the Green Industry Award, Green Industry Certification, Industrial Technology Pioneers, Leading Research and Applied Industrial Research Facilities, "said Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry Achmad Sigit Dwiwahjono in Jakarta, 16 December 2019.

The companies, including Danone-AQUA, who won the 2019 Green Industry Award prove as industry players who continue to transform towards industry-based innovation that is resilient and highly competitive, and still has a high concern for environmental preservation. This makes the domestic industrial world as a supporter of national economic growth continue to develop towards better performance.

"All AQUA factories in Indonesia have given their best efforts to apply the principles of the green industry in carrying out daily operational activities, namely through production efficiency and increasing the effectiveness and wise use of natural resources. It is based on the vision carried out by Danone-AQUA - One Planet One Health - through an understanding that public health and the health of the earth have a very close relationship to keep the earth healthy and sustainable, "said David Bidau, Danone Vice President Operations- AQUA.

Furthermore, David Bidau added that Danone-AQUA applied Circular Planet in its operations, namely circular packaging, circular water, and carbon circular. Circular packaging is carried out through the use of environmentally friendly packaging and management of plastic waste; circular water is implemented through integrated management and conservation of water resources; and carbon circular is realized through carbon neutrality policies achieved through reducing carbon emissions and energy efficiency. All of that is summarized in the concept of environmentally friendly factories by running the Blue Operations program at all Danone-AQUA factories in Indonesia.

Danone-AQUA was born and raised in Indonesia and continues to strive to continue to do good for the Indonesian people. These efforts are realized through the presence of quality products that are processed through the wise use of natural resources. In addition, Danone-AQUA also continues to run environmental conservation programs on an ongoing basis.