Bandung, April 17, 2018 - West Java Provincial Government surrendered awards to seven AQUA factories operating in West Java, for the Company's consistency in carrying out its social and environmental responsibility programs. The award ceremony was in conjunction with the Joint Officials of West Java CSR Projects that have been implemented throughout 2017 located in Bandung on April 17, 2018. West Java Governor Achmad Heryawan presented the award to representatives from seven factories, from Bekasi, Citeureup, Ciherang, Mekarsari, Babakan Pari, Cianjur, and Subang. In addition to the seven awards, Danone-AQUA also received a special award as a company that consistently conducts CSR programs on an ongoing basis in West Java. The special award was received directly by Danone Indonesia's General Secretary VP, Vera Galuh Sugijanto.

In 2013, West Java Provincial Government publishes Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility guidelines and Partnership and Community Development programs in West Java. With the policy, 132 state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private companies merged to become CSR partners of West Java. These partner companies are increasingly improving CSR programs, ranging from providing capital assistance to micro-enterprises, training scholarships, education, improving the quality of health, to environmental awareness. It aims to build and improve the health, education, and welfare of the community.

"West Java Provincial Government appreciates the company that has contributed and successfully run its CSR program and in line with local government program through CSR Jabar Facility Team. These activities become social investments from various companies. I hope we can build West Java together, "said West Java Governor, Achmad Heryawan in his speech.

One of the awarded companies is the Danone-AQUA factories operating in West Java. In the course of 45 years, Danone-AQUA not only meets the hydration needs of the people of West Java, but also contributes to the social and environmental conditions in the region. West Java has a special meaning for Danone-AQUA because the presence of this Company in Indonesia is in West Java, namely the establishment of the first plant in Bekasi on 23 February 1973. Until now there are seven AQUA Group factories operating in West Java, namely in Bekasi, Citeureup, Ciherang, Mekarsari, Babakan Pari, Cianjur, and Subang.

VP General Secretary Danone Indonesia, Vera Galuh Sugijanto explained that the Danone-AQUA plant in West Java runs its operational activities with environmentally friendly concept. "We operate operations by promoting human rights values, maintaining quality, and maintaining compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Various production innovations are made to reduce carbon release and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by saving water, energy, renewable energy use, to waste recycling. From there the resulting drinking water products in a healthy and quality packaging that is beneficial to all people of Indonesia, "said Vera.

The Danone-AQUA plant in West Java is not only concerned with production, but also committed to responsible management of product distribution as well as the preservation of the surrounding environment. This is in line with the company's commitment to always align business success and social progress and environmental sustainability.

"Our commitment is to continue and improve performance so that our presence can contribute to society and nature which in this case is consistent with the mission of Danone One Planet One Health," Vera continued.

The realization of the Company's commitment by Danone-AQUA factory in West Java through various Social and Environmental Responsibility programs is carried out continuously and involving the related parties, including the communities surrounding the factory. The following Danone-AQUA programs are awarded by the Governor of West Java:

  1. AQUA factory in Bekasi through the Mandiri Community Building program in Satria - Bekasi Urban Village, AQUA Citeureup Plant with Agroforestry Lido program.
  2. The AQUA Ciherang factory is awarded through the Cisadane Sub-DAS Conservation Program.
  3. AQUA Mekarsari Plant with SWAT Conservation (Jasper) and Jasling (Environmental Services) program.
  4. AQUA Babakan Pari Factory with WASH (water access, sanitation and hygiene) program of Kampung Hijau.
  5. AQUA Subang factory through Biodiversity Park program.
  6. AQUA Cianjur plant with Clean Water Access in Cikahuripan Village - Gekbrong - Cianjur District.

In this event also displayed product exhibition from various groups built by Danone-AQUA in West Java. In addition, the "Isi Piringku" campaign material also enliven this exhibition. The material is the result of cooperation of Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) IPB and Danone Indonesia to support food and nutrition learning at PAUD level 4-6 years.