Mambal-7 May 2019, Aqua Mambal Factory held a Kampung Mandiri Program Kick-off at the Bongkasa Pertiwi Village office. This activity aims to introduce the program to stakeholders as well as a sign that the program is running. Minutes of understanding were signed by supporters of the Bongkasa Pertiwi Mandiri Village Program, including the Bongkasa Pertiwi Village Kit, BUMDes Mandala Sari, AQUA Mambal Factory Team, DLH Bali Province, BKSDA, DLHK Badung Regency, Badung District Tourism Office, Badung Regency SDA Department, Agriculture Service and Badung Regency Food, Badung Regency Tourism Office, Development Section of Badung Regency, BPP Abiansemal, Badung Kab Corporate Social Responsibility Forum, Rumah Energi Foundation, PPLH Bali, Mambal Lestari Organic Farmer Group, Abiansemal 4 Health Center, Bale Tudor. Besides that, they also witnessed supporters of the program, namely the Muspika Sub-District of Abiansemal, Subak Karangdalem, and representatives of the Bongkasa Village community.

Chairperson of Mandala Sari BUMDes, IB. GD Manu Drestha said that the Kampung Mandiri Program was a development of the Energy Independent Village program in 2018. "The Kampung Mandiri program was developed in an integrated manner, with regard to preservation, cleanliness and environmental health. The steps that have been taken are by utilizing renewable energy, environmentally friendly healthy agriculture, water access sanitation & hygiene and conservation of biodiversity in accordance with the existing potential, "explained Gus Manu.

Danone AQUA Integration & Agriculture Senior Manager, Arif Wahyudin explained that this program is a program developed by BUMDes Mandala Sari, Bongkasa Pertiwi Village, and AQUA Mambal Factory. "This is one form of AQUA's commitment, which is success in business as well as success in the social environment, taking into account the balance of social, economic and environmental welfare."

During 2018, Bongkasa Pertiwi declared itself an Energy Independent Village. As a Tourism Village, this Village utilizes the social activities of its citizens, some of whom are farmers by utilizing their waste. Waste that has the potential to pollute the environment of the yard and river body will affect the predicate of Bongkasa Pertiwi as a Tourism Village. The implementation of Biogas technology overcomes this, currently there are 21 units of Biogas reactors that have been used by as many as 22 heads of households. In addition to the economic benefits of Biogas which is an alternative to renewable energy, the environment is also kept clean in line with presenting visitors to the Bongkasa Pertiwi Tourism Village.

The Head of the Natural Resources Division I Gusti Agung Gunawan said that the success of the intended program was greatly influenced by the participation of all parties, both from the village government, companies, communities and local governments. "The Badung Regency Government will facilitate the communication needed with various parties to achieve the goals set through the CSR Forum," Agung Gunawan concluded.