Danone-AQUA as West Java CSR Partner Supports the West Java Government Program which is currently the Number One Investment Destination in Indonesia

Bandung, 18 November 2019 - The Government of West Java Province has given awards to seven AQUA Factories operating in West Java, for their consistency in carrying out social and environmental responsibility programs. The award presentation was carried out in conjunction with the Joint Inauguration of West Java CSR Projects that had been run during 2018 - 2019. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil presented awards to representatives from seven Danone-AQUA Factories, namely from Bekasi, Citeureup, Ciherang, Mekarsari, Babakan Pari, Cianjur, and Subang. In addition to the seven awards, Danone-AQUA also received special awards as a company that consistently implements CSR programs on an ongoing basis in West Java. The special award was received directly by VP General Secretary of Danone Indonesia, Vera Galuh Sugijanto.

In 2013, the Government of West Java Province issued guidelines for Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility and the Partnership and Community Development program in West Java. With this policy, 207 BUMN, BUMD, and private companies joined to become CSR partners of the Government of West Java Province. After partnering with the West Java Provincial Government, these companies have increasingly increased their CSR programs, ranging from providing capital assistance to micro businesses, training scholarships, education, improving health quality, to environmental stewardship. It aims to build and improve health, education, and public welfare.

"The West Java Provincial Government gives appreciation to companies that have contributed to and successfully carried out CSR programs that are in line and always in synergy with the West Java Provincial Government program through the West Java CSR Facility Team. CSR activities are of course a social investment of various companies. At present the West Java Province continues to actively build infrastructure on a large scale. Investment continues to grow and even West Java is the number one investment destination in Indonesia, "said West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil in his remarks that he continued to pray for the businesses of companies that received awards to continue to grow.

"In accordance with the direction of Indonesian President Joko Widodo that we must not complicate the investment process in various regions, the West Java Province also opened its doors wide for the development of various business sectors. For this reason, we need to jointly maintain the situation and conditions in West Java remains conducive. One of them is through the development of CSR activities in various regions in West Java, so that we can all grow and develop together, "continued the Governor of West Java, who is fondly called Kang Emil.

The Danone-AQUA factories in West Java, which received awards from the Governor of West Java, continue to bring goodness to the community, through healthy hydration while maintaining environmental sustainability in West Java. West Java has special meaning for Danone-AQUA because the presence of this Company in Indonesia is in West Java, namely the establishment of the first factory in Bekasi on February 23, 1973. Until now there are nine Danone-AQUA factories operating in West Java, namely in Bekasi , Citeureup, Ciherang, Mekarsari, Babakan Pari, Cianjur, Subang, Sentul, and Caringin.

The realization of the Company's commitment by the Danone-AQUA factory in West Java through various Social and Environmental Responsibility programs is carried out continuously and involves relevant parties, including the communities surrounding the factory. The following are Danone-AQUA programs that received awards from the Governor of West Java:

1. Bekasi AQUA Factory through the Clean Water Access for Community-Based Water Resources Conservation program in Cibogo Village, Pasirjaya, Cigombong, Bogor Regency.
2. The Ciherang AQUA Factory received an award through the Bumi Hade WASH (Provision of Clean Water and Education Facilities) program, Balandongan Village, Ciherang Pondok Village, Caringin District, Bogor Regency
3. Mekarsari AQUA Factory with SWAT (soil water assessment tools) and Jasling (Environmental Services) based conservation programs in Kuta Jaya Village, Cicurug, Sukabumi Regency
4. AQUA Babakan Pari Factory with the Provision of Access to Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation in Kampung Nangka Berit, Cidahu, Sukabumi Regency
5. Subang AQUA Factory through the Provision of Clean Water Facilities and STBM (Community Based Total Sanitation - WASH) Education in Cipondoh Village, Pasanggrahan, Kasomalang, Subang Regency
6. AQUA Cianjur Factory with a Taman Kehati program in Gekbrong Village, Gekbrong District, Cianjur Regency
7. AQUA Citeureup Factory through the Taman Kehati Lido program in Ciburuy Village, Cigombong, Bogor Regency and the Situ Tlajung Udik Rescue and Conservation program in Tlajung Udik Village, Gunung Putri, Bogor Regency

Danone Indonesia's VP General Secretary, Vera Galuh Sugijanto explained that the Danone-AQUA factory in West Java carried out its operations with an environmentally friendly concept that emphasized the principle of sustainability. "The principle of sustainability in conducting business is based on the vision carried out by Danone-AQUA - One Planet One Health - through an understanding that public health and the health of the earth have a very close relationship. To keep the earth healthy and sustainable, then Danone-AQUA applies Circular Planet in its operations, namely packaging circular, circular water, and carbon circular. Circular packaging is carried out through the use of environmentally friendly packaging and management of plastic waste; circular water is implemented through integrated management and conservation of water resources; and carbon circular is realized through carbon neutrality policies achieved through reducing carbon emissions and energy efficiency. All of that is summarized in the concept of environmentally friendly factories by running the Blue Operations program at all Danone-AQUA factories in West Java, "said Vera Galuh Sugijanto.
Further on circular packaging, Danone - AQUA has launched the #BijakBplastik movement as our commitment to create a cleaner Indonesia and support the Indonesian government's goal of reducing 70% of marine waste in 2025. The movement focuses on three core aspects: education to consumers, product packaging innovation, and development of plastic waste collection infrastructure. Through #BijakBplplastik Danone-AQUA wants to achieve ambition in 2025 to collect more plastic than we use, to use 100% recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging, and to increase the use of recycled material in our bottles to 50% As part of the pillars of product packaging innovation AQUA has also just launched AQUALIFE, the first water bottle in Indonesia made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

What needs to be known is that the #BijakBplastik principle is not a new movement for Danone-AQUA. AQUA has been a pioneer in starting the packaging recycling movement in Indonesia. Since 1983, we have offered healthy hydration to millions of Indonesians through gallon bottled water that can be reused and recycled. With gallon products, 70% of the Danone-AQUA business is fully circular. Through "AQUA Cares" in 1993, AQUA began the first step towards a more circular packaging model with the collection movement of bottled plastic water bottles. At present, we can collect 12,000 tons of plastic annually through 6 recycling business units in various locations in Indonesia.

"This company was born and raised in Indonesia and we are striving for the good of the nation, including in West Java. This big goal certainly cannot be achieved with just one or two people, but rather involves all stakeholders. For this reason, I invite all parties to continue collaborating in delivering goodness, "said Vera Galuh Sugijanto.