Jakarta, April 21, 2018 - Danone-AQUA together with Tokopedia develop cooperation by selling products online as well as to empower Indonesian housewives as their distributors. It aims to encourage the development of Small and Medium Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) owned by women, especially housewives.

Sales of this product as well as to improve service and facilitate the consumer in making Danone-AQUA product purchase through direct booking that can be done through application or website Tokopedia. This order will be directly distributed by AQUA Home Service (AHS) which is closest to the location of the buyer. Coinciding with this Kartini Day, Danone-AQUA and Tokopedia also invite housewives in Indonesia to join AHS. For housewives who are interested to join AHS can register themselves through call center service AQUA Menyapa on 08001588888.

Danone-AQUA initiated the AHS program since 2008 with the aim of bringing immediate products with customers to the family segment through empowerment of housewives. The program also aims to enable these housewives to grow business from home and help support family income without having to leave home and family. Currently there are 7000 AHS members spread across Java and Sumatra.

This mission is also in line with Tokopedia which is committed to develop the sector of SMEs in Indonesia. "Through the digital distribution of the digital mission, Tokopedia always tries to break down barriers to anyone wherever they are to start an online business. Tokopedia expects online education and facilitation of online business that is presented through partnership with Danone-AQUA can encourage more Indonesian women to dare to start and develop their own business. The housewives will be able to control their business online by keeping their role as mother at home, "explained COO Tokopedia, Melissa Siska Juminto.

"In Tokopedia we have the opportunity to meet many UMKM entrepreneurs with good business ideas and products. As many as 70% of sellers in Tokopedia are new entrepreneurs, including housewives who usually start their business at home. In order for their businesses to go forward and contribute more significantly to the welfare of the family and the Indonesian economy, we need to improve the business climate for women, both from the online and offline side, "explains Melissa.

Vice President of Sales Strategy and Planning Danone-AQUA, Bruce Zeng, said that this cooperation with Tokopedia not only gave birth to the product marketing business through online application, but also as the embodiment of mission from both parties. "We are very pleased that Tokopedia has the same mission not only from the business side, but for community development through improving SMEs and women's empowerment. This cooperation can also help mothers who are members of AHS so they can add consumers so that their business can grow well, "said Bruce.

Since the implementation of this collaboration program, approximately 400 AHS members in Jakarta have been connected with Tokopedia. Danone-AQUA and Tokopedia targets that number will continue to increase to 3,000 AHS members and a wider coverage area covering Jabodetabek by the end of 2018. Danone-AQUA product order can be purchased through AQUA Official Store, either through Tokopedia application or website.

International Finance Corporation data in March 2016 mentions, 51% of Small Business and 34% of Medium Enterprises are owned by women. In total, women's SMEs account for 9.1% of Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but women entrepreneurs still face challenges in developing their businesses, such as lack of self-confidence, difficulty finding customers, lack of access to information and education, as well as the balance between work and family.