Pandaan, January 21, 2018. Volunteers of PT Tirta Investama - Pandaan Plant (Factory AQUA Pandaan) or abbreviated Skawan do tree planting in forest land production of Perhutani Block Tenggeling and Source Supitan. Embroidering trees is done to monitor the growth of seedlings from the previous planting period. When found there are seeds that die, it will be re-planting seeds. In addition to Sekawan, embroidering trees is done by involving Forest Village residents, Village Devices, and One Daun Foundation as program partners.

The AQUA Pandaan plant has a conservation program developed on the Arjuno Slope. To support the commitment to plant 20,000 trees per year, plant monitoring needs to be done periodically to ensure that conservation is 100% grown. Trees planted are also marked coordinates using GPS and online databases for information on plant species, planters, and planting times.

Stakeholder Relations Manager, Fafit Rahmat Aji said that embroidering this tree is also effective to raise awareness of the community / farmers about the importance of environmental conservation. AQUA Pandaan Plant invites all stakeholders in the real action of planting Sukun and Kluwek bamboo seedlings at Supitan spring location, the effort will maintain the quality and quantity of water in the spring. "Managing the environment is a shared responsibility, then we can not do it alone and involve various parties", said Aji

Village Head of Jatiarjo Village, Sareh Rudianto explained that the planting area of 9 hectares has shaded 5080 tree seedlings and will continue to grow. Types of trees grown are Avocado, Soursop, Pecan, Longan, Rambutan, Sawo, Orange, Guava and Blimbing. It is an agroforestry crop that has economic value, so it can be developed as part of conservation based on empowerment of forest village community, especially in Jatiarjo Village. "There are 35 Pesanggem farmers who are active in embroidering this tree, we hope the future will be more and more farmers or parties involved for this conservation activity", concluded Sareh.