We will Always Keep the Balance Between Business Sustainability and Nature Preservation for a Healthier Indonesia

Pillar 1

Water Resource Protection

AQUA contributes in the comprehensive protection of ground water source by returning water into the ecosystem, utilizing water in responsible manners, and improving community’s access to clean water.

Pillar 2

CO2 Reduction

AQUA fights against climate change by reducing carbon footprints and minimizing carbon emission into the air.

Pillar 3

Optimization of Packaging and Collection of Packaging Waste

AQUA creates a new life cycle for the entire plastic packaging existing in the market, optimizes responsible collection of waste, and works towards 100% recyclable packaging.

Pillar 4

Sustainable Distribution of Products

AQUA always strives for innovations to sustainably address transportation-related challenges.

Find our real actions in keeping and conserving every nature's goodness

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