We continuously take initiatives for experiment to achieve changes towards better direction.

  • Energy Efficiency

    The energy efficiency initiative we have implemented has successfully reduced energy consumption by 2,13 kWh/bottle.

  • Recycled Materials

    To help reduce the production of earth's waste, AQUA utilizes recycled materials to be used as cardboard packaging materials, so that less cardboard waste is produced by factories.

  • Used Cooking Oil

    AQUA replaces the use of diesel in the factory with used cooking oil. Within a month, this innovation has been able to reduce diesel consumption by an average of 3 tons per month or the equivalent of reducing carbon as much as 116 tons CO2/year.

Total Water Utilization

Every year we continue to innovate to reduce Total Water Utilization / Water Ratio which is the ratio of water used to produce 1 liter of product. In 2020 we are targeting a Water Ratio of 1.16 to maintain the water ecosystem.


Water Ratio



Water Ratio



Water Ratio



Water Ratio


30 %

The Galon Utilization