Denpasar-July 2019, Run To Care 2019 provides a new atmosphere in sports that involves runners in raising donations for the future of thousands of children. This social event is also the right moment to convey environmental concern through #BijakBerplastik to become a campaign during the Run To Care 2019 which starts from Lumintang Field on July 26, 2019 at 15:00 WITA.

Danone Indonesia provides hydration through AQUA and Mizone for Run To Care runners 2019, while encouraging education on sorting and collecting garbage for recycling. Danone included 4 runners from employees who participated with 300 other runners, each kilometer will be donated to SOS Children's Village Tabanan.

The #BijakBerplastik campaign is carried out by encouraging Visitors and Run To Care Participants 2019 to exchange 10 glasses or 5 PET plastic bottles with a voucher at the AQUA Life booth to exchange with AQUA Life at the nearest Circle K counter. This activity is a message to runners or visitors that the plastic packaging has value and with good management it can be useful as another product.

Danone-AQUA has collaborated with the Bali Provincial Government, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), schools and Waste Banks in Bali to manage waste. Danone-AQUA collaborates with HNM, a fashion producer by processing plastic waste into gloves, T-shirts and other fashion products. In terms of collection, the Chairperson of the Bali Wastu Lestari Foundation, Ni Wayan Riawati, said that the community-based Waste Bank is one of the effective ways to encourage waste management. "We are pleased to be able to partner with Danone-AQUA to facilitate the process of sorting and recycling plastic waste. Hopefully this #BijakBerplastik campaign can make the general public understand how to respond to the use of plastic," said Riawati.

After the release of Run To Care runner 2019, the team from the Bali Foundation Wastu Lestari has collected at least 400 bottles and glasses of various shapes and brands. In addition to being collected in 25 special plastic waste bins, used bottles from visitors are also arranged as decorative installations, again as part of increasing that the variety of plastics can be managed, processed and recycled again.