Danone is one of the biggest food and beverage producers headquartered in France. With a mission of bringing health through foods and beverages to as many people as possible, Danone develops 4 primary categories in its business operation, i.e. Fresh Dairy Product, Early Life Nutrition, Water, and Medical Nutrition.

Through our mission and dual commitment for business and social growth. Danone aims at building a healthier future through healthy lifestyle, healthy Earth, and healthy ecosystem. To guide through living healthily, Danone launches Danone Manifesto with the expectation it would inspire the world to start applying healthy lifestyle . The five pillars that serve as the foundation for Danone Manifesto to achieve healthy life comprises healthy foods, beverages, and lifestyle, respecting diversity in our surroundings, engaging and building strong partnership with relevant stakeholders, upholding science, and taking various initiatives for preservation of the earth.

More information on Danone and Danone Manifesto is available at www.danone.com